Smitswinkel Wrecks – Transvaal

Posted by on September 25, 2012 | 2 comments

Smitswinkel Wrecks – Transvaal

I joined Pisces Divers as Divemaster for their Sunday launches and assisted Carel on the Deep and Wreck PADI courses he was running with students. The conditions above the water were a little challenging for the skipper with the wind picking up quite a bit of chop but once below the water, everything was quite serene. After sorting out students on top, there wasn’t much time for a dive but JP and I did manage to squeeze in 23 minutes on the Transvaal Wreck which sits at 33m below. A good experience and another dive added to my Divemaster Training log. Whoop!


  1. What was the VIS like down there?

    • Actually not bad at all! Around 7-8m I think.

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