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OMSAC Bloggers

Martin Els
Martin writes interesting dive reports and discusses technical dive related items.

Local dive t-shirt design and manufacturers.

Cape Diver
Roland organises dive trips to Cape Town, with a focus on the European traveller.


Our instructors are all PADI certified

Divers Alert Network are critical for every diver’s peace of mind

Old Mutual Sports Club
Old Mutual Sports Club. All OMSAC members are also automatically OMSC members.

Coral Wetsuits
Custom made wetsuits in Cape Town

Wikitravel – Cape Peninsula Dive Guide
A dive site guide created and updated by local divers

Magic Seaweed
A reliable weather guide

Southern Underwater Research Group – great for identifying unknown species

Dive Operators

Pisces Divers
based in Glencairn

Underwater Explorers
based in Milnerton

OMSAC member’s boat

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