Joint club committee dive

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Joint club committee dive

On Sunday, 26 August, committee members from Bellville, False Bay and OMSAC scuba diving clubs got together for a dive and braai.

The diving site of choice was Windmill.  Although the weather out the water was overcast with a slight drizzle, diving conditions were not too bad – flat water,  slightly above average viz, and temperature bearable for about 45min in a 5mm suit!  I would sum up my dive as the “super sized’ dive – huge crabs, the biggest gas flame nudi I have ever seen and fat, lazy fish.

After swimming through and around pinnacles for a while, the cold started to bite, so my dive buddy and I headed for shore.  Somehow managing to miss the beach, we surfaced some way off shore behind a boulder to view a shore line that was unfamiliar.  We decided to head for a channel in the rocks and hope for a place to climb out.  It turned out to be a good call because we reached the beach on the other side of Windmill.  A bit of a hike brought us back to Windmill just as the last of the group were exiting on the “right” beach!

After all the additional exercise, it was great to relax at a braai and meet and chat to committee members from the other clubs.  Thanks to False Bay Underwater Club for organising the event.

Bronwen Huddlestone

Joint committee dive at Windmill Beach

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